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Floyd Willems (2012-2015)

This music was created in response to several musical challenges issued by the radio station WFMU, most notably five of the six cuts were made for the "Miniature Minotaurs" program hosted by Kurt Gottschalk. The "Mussorgsky" piece was for WFMU's Free Music Archive "Masters Remastered". All sounds by Heather Floyd and Dan Willems. Hit the play button to stream or right click and "Save As" to download. Enjoy!

Floyd Willems-"Rufer Cicadas" (2013) 4:04

Sick City Four(minus two)-"Friday the 13th"/T.Monk/arr.Floyd Willems (2012) 5:54

Floyd Willems-"Protect the Cats, It's Friday the 13th! remix" (2015) 1:30

Floyd Willems-"Gnome and Promenade"/Pictures at an Exhibition/M.Mussorgsky/arr.Floyd Willems (2015) 2:52

Floyd Willems-"I Live In Arizona" (2014) 2:47

Floyd Willems-"Protect the Cats, It's Friday the 13th!" full version (2015) 3:48
May 4, 2015