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Floyd Willems "BTON91"

May 7, 2021
Floyd Willems "BTON91"

Filmed in 1991 on 8mm in Bloomington, IN. Music and edit: 2021
Heather Floyd:Mini-Moog Synth/Dan Willems:Electric Guitar

Detail of "Stan Fox Sprint Car" by Tony Woollard
Floyd Willems "Marigold House"

Floyd Willems "DISCOntent17"

Floyd Willems "Spring Segments""

Floyd Willems "The Cat is Here"
Flyer by Matt Whitaker

The Belgian Waffles!(TBW!) were on a roll in 1996. Since arriving in Louisville in 1995, TBW! made many new friends including Ethan Buckler of King Kong. King Kong was booked into the newly renamed club The Flashback. Ethan asked TBW! to open the show so we did. The place was packed. Record night for the bar, record night for TBW!. We challenged ourselves to extend the length of one of our songs, Flat Black Huey which normally runs 3 1/2 minutes, to stretch over 30 minutes. It worked for us but not the club's management who told Ethan to never bring us back. TBW! were banned from playing at the Butchertown Pub two months prior to this show. You can hear it mentioned at the end of the set when it's stated that The Flashback, "is a much nicer place than lots of other places that you can play...Butchertown!". That show, that story some other time.

1.Flat Black Huey (extended version)

The Belgian Waffles!:
Heather Floyd-trumpet,drums,alto sax,bass
Matt Whitaker-bass,flute,drums
Dan Willems-alto sax,shortwave radio,guitar,cornet
Tony Woollard-cornet,vocals,shortwave radio,guitar
Bill Zink-guitar,drums,lap steel guitar

recorded by Dan Willems

01.Unabomber Song
02.666 Vandermark of the Beast
03.Happy Present from the Earth
04.Veritech Pilot
05.Here I Am (King Kong)
06.Matt's Pretty Thing
07.Ulrike Meinhof
08.F-14's (are falling out of the sky)
09.Down on Tanner's Farm
10.Flat Black Huey
11.TBW! vs. Gamelan

Heather Floyd-Drums, Trumpet, Alto Sax
Matt Whitaker-Bass, Flute
Dan Willems-Alto Sax, Drums
Tony Woollard-Cornet, Guitar, Vocals
Bill Zink-Guitar

recorded by Dan Willems

May 28, 2017

Indianapolis Motor Speedway

recorded by Dan Willems
photos by Heather Floyd

Nanobot Deathcloud 43:13

Mike French - composer, turntables, tapedecks, synthesizer
Steve Good - bass clarinet, Bb clarinet, alto saxophone
Joee Conroy - cello, mixer, effects
Tony Woollard - shortwave radio, trumpets
Heather Floyd - trumpet
Dan Willems - bass clarinet, Bb clarinet, cornet, trombone, alto saxophone

Recorded by Dan Willems
Louisville, KY