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The Belgian Waffles! play a set of music on the occasion of their 20th Anniversary of Band-dom.

The Belgian Waffles! @ The Rudyard Kipling 01/21/2006

TBW! stopped playing shortly after this show in 2006 but are looking to perform once again during the year 2014. Stay de-tuned!

January 18, 2014

It's the beginning of the calendar year but we've got some unfinished 2013 business to clear off the desk before we look into the future. Let's start off with our pals at Gubbey Records who just dropped a bomb of a cassette compilation which features more than a few artists associated with the adept recordings label, plus about forty other Louisville bands. Read a great review of "Head Cleaner" over at American Gloam.
Get it while you can!

Next up is the new Black Kaspar cassette "Schizo-Tech" released on Loin Seepage, available now to Louisvillians at Astro Black Records and Modern Cult Records. Bill Zink, along with the Sick City Four, recorded it in 2013 at the adept recordings studio. Read another great review at American Gloam.
"Sehr Loud-ish"!

Last but not least, a Humongous live recording, available in its entirety as a free download on this very site. The set is from the 2013 Louisville Experimental Festival and it's... let's just say it's big.

Later twenty-thirteen!

Humongous sets off an explosion of music during the Louisville Experimental Festival. Louisville, KY

  1. Russian Space Things
  2. Battle of the Sexes
  3. Flat and Smooth
  4. The Hill
  5. Click It Or Ticket
  6. Hook Up the Keyboard
  7. Sex Machine

Jess Myers-Vocals, Cornet
Matt Pickerill-Guitar, Vocals
Jamie Pickerill-Drums, Vocals
Heather Floyd-Synthesizer, Trumpet
Dan Willems-Bass

This week!

We're especially excited that this year's festival includes adept recordings artists Bill Zink, Humongous, Norman Minogue, and Sick City Four.

Wednesday, June 26th (doors at 7:30pm, show at 8:30pm) at Lisa's Oak St. Lounge (1004 E Oak St.):
Dissappearo, Ashochious, NO copper, Bill Zink / Steve Good, Sir Salé and the Satyatar

Thursday, June 27th (doors at 7:30pm, show at 8pm) at Haymarket Whiskey Bar (331 E Market St.):
Klimchak, Joee Conroy / Dane Waters, R Keenan Lawler / Tim Barnes, Hinge, Tim Kaiser, National Hotel Sound System, Camera Lucida

Friday, June 28th (doors at 7:30pm, show at 8pm) at St. Philip Neri Church (236 Woodbine St.):
Humongous, Hyrrokkin, Tropical Trash

Saturday, June 29th (doors at 7:30pm, show at 8:30pm) at Dreamland Film Center (810 E Market St.):
Jonathan Wood / Lowe Sutherland, Mike Shiflet, Darin Gray / Raw Thug, Aaron Dilloway

Sunday, June 30th (doors at 8:30pm, show at 9pm) at The Bard's Town (1801 Bardstown Rd.):
The Untalented Visionaries (Norman Minogue / Douglas Lucas), Sick City Four, The Magnetic Bananimals, Keir Neuringer, Greg Ginn and The Royal We

All shows: $5 each. All week passes available for $20 at Astro Black Records.

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